San Miguel Premium

There’s a new beer in town, and it’s aptly named San Miguel Premium.


Just had it in Mag:Net cafe earlier, and the group found it quite nice and agreeable.  To sum the experience up in one word…  


that’s the beer closest to San Miguel’s newest and supposed best.

San Miguel is the country’s oldest and largest brewery (and food conglomerate) and it has been known to be one of the world’s best brewers of beer.  How good? Well, let’s just say that some Spaniards (mostly my friends) think that this proudly Filipino brand is their own!

Going back to SMP (san miguel premium) it is a departure from the usual San Miguel taste.  Gone is that malty (aratiles) taste that goes well with fried and grilled foods… Gone is that “chico” aftertaste that makes our beer distinctly Filipino.

instead you get a very refined beer, and a very good one.  It has none of the usual bitterness that is associated with beer, and it has that “imported” vibe that can only be delivered by beers 3x the price of our much loved Pale Pilsen.

Heck, even the bottle looks sosy, and it’s actually green.

Verdict: If you’re a foreinger looking for the classical Filipino beer, stay away.  You’re better off with either pale pilsen, red horse or super dry… but if you’re a local looking for that imported taste then look no further.