an unfair perspective of Android – quick view of the Samsung Spica

Before we start, I have to admit that this will not be a fair “review” since I will be comparing my first impression of the Android OS via an entry-level device (Samsung Galaxy Spica) with my 6 month old iPhone 3GS.

samsung spica side by side iphone 3gs

an unfair comparison

To be blunt about it, Android is a capable and promising OS, but it’s not “here” yet. Pundits say that the os has arrived, but after giving it a spin for about a week or so, it really feels unfinished.

Perhaps we can blame the apps. Or my familiarity with the iOS version of the apps. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, 4SQ, TweetDeck and Social City – these are my staple apps both on my 3GS and on the spica. Now I don’t want to go in to @nal details, but I can’t help but feel that the Android versions of the apps are forcing the issue of using the menu/back buttons for the ‘droid. Some actions HAVE to be seen from the get go and not shown after a button click. Try 4SQ and you’ll get my drift.


The spica’s screen is quite nice for it’s pricepoint. Resolution is so-so, the brightness is manually adjustable and is capacitive -which means it should be responsive to say the least. Never mind if it doesn’t support multi-touch out of the box, but it should be responsive, right? Wrong. Even with a speedy 800mhz processor, for some reason, the display IS JUST FRIGGIN FRUSTRATING! It’s just so unresponsive that there are lot of moments that I feel like smashing my phone on the ground! Scroll through tweets and you’ll end up clicking on a particular tweet by accident. And accidents do happen with the screen.

Right now, I’m on the standby screens of both the 3GS and the spica and the spica just won’t let me swipe to unlock. I have to press a bit more or use a different finger for it to respond. What the hell is this? A capacitive/resistive display?

Anyways, just typing my impressions of how unresponsive the display is just frustrates me so I have to cut this short. I might end up just bashing the phone (unfairly) because of the display. I’ll try my best to come up with a better review of this soon, but if I don’t, you’ll know what happened – I probably got rid of the phone! hahaha