Showing off the MSI Wind 100XP

Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge.  After almost a month of internal deliberations, countless websites visited, over 20 reviews read, 15 computer shops, 5 demos and hours of milling around Greenhills, Park Square and God knows where else, I’ve finally decided to get the…


Honestly, it really wasn’t a difficult choice.  It’s just that I made it difficult for myself.  

4 weeks ago, it was the ATOM N270 1.6ghz that made it compelling (same as the aspire one and the eeepc 1000h.)

3 weeks ago, it was the “free upgrade” offer that made the hardware specs even yummier – 2gb RAM and 160GB HDD – though asus lowered their prices a bit.

2 weeks ago, after seeing all the netbooks side by side, the aspire’s smallish LCD screen let it down.

Last week, it was the realization that the asus eeepc’s keyboard was just awful and something that will be a painful stone in my shoes in the long run that made the wind the ONLY viable choice.

Then my much beloved Compaq Presario 2400 laptop finally crashed last Friday very early in the morning (when I forgot to bring home my Dell’s charger when I had to finish a friggin pitch presentation) – and that was the final straw.

Which version to get then??  The 100LX with DOS selling for 20K was really enticing while the 100XP with XP, 2gb RAM and Bluetooth seemed a bit expensive.  After chatting with a few laptop techs and sellers, I decided to get the all-in 100XP.  why?
Simply because I was too lazy to do some things that *could* have saved me money.  Like purchasing cheaper licensed windows (i know i could get away with pirated stuff, but i’m too old to be like that hahaha.)  Like having to purchase an external optical drive.  Like having to spend a good 2 hours of installing the OS… and the drivers… and downloading updates.

The toughest thing then was choosing the color.  White, Black, Pink or “love.”

Let the pictures do the talking…